The Company

Different skills for a common goal

Two men two well-defined personality which have joined forces to create QRVida Italy one of the most ambitious and promising business of Italian landscape.
People who have decided to bet on security prevention and contacting the game to create a reality that was missing.

Augusto Viola

Augusto Viola, Vice-President, General Sales Manager, one of the few people in Italy can boast an extensive knowledge of the direct sales and its mechanisms, personalities known and recognized in the field began his career in the years ' 70, established brand and business structures in the more known and important direct marketing company in Italy.
Led innovations in sales market, the training of agents and managers ' growth and is the author of most of the training tools used for the sales force.

Loredana Sava

Loredana Saba, Director General with experience in various areas of entrepreneurial success. With great human qualities, has always been committed in the various services to improve the living conditions of the community, why is committed in Italy QRVida project with great enthusiasm.

Roberto Garrucciu

Geometra. Amministratore Unico della Società. D'iniziativa, flessibile e capace con Eccellenti Competenze di Realizzazione - Gestionale, Cognitive - Intellettuali, Relazionali . Tra queste , spicca , la Capacità di analizzare ed interpretare gli elementi utili all' Identificazione e all' Approvazione di Efficaci Soluzioni.