Italy QRVida System

What is qRVida?

It is an identification system that was established with the aim to increase their personal security in the event of an emergency, emergency needs, disorientation or momentary unconsciousness caused by accident or by personal situations linked to diseases such as Alzheimer 's.
Important for your children that they can more easily get lost.
QRVida Italy makes the intervention of emergency services professionals, such as 112/118 will be immediately available, via QRVida Italy, all the information you need to act quickly

How does it work?

The operation of QRVida Italy is very simple as it developed, using QR (Quick Response) in an intuitive for the customer.
In each object is stored a code that refers to a website that is reserved for each client web exclusive space, editable and customizable.
The customer who buys QRVida Italy and reads the code for the first time, enter your email and a password activate your own space QRVida Italy.
Then have the ability to enter data it deems most appropriate for its own security, such as personal data, photos, blood type, any diseases, allergies or drug contraindications/food ... etc
You can enter up to 16 names and phone numbers of contact persons
No data is required.
All data are editable at all times

As you read?

Italy QRVida can be read with a Smartphone that has internet access and where there is installed a QR code reader. These readers (scanners) are free of charge, on the internet and are suitable for various mobile operating systems on the market.
We recommend the following:
For the Smartphone Operating system Android, Apple, iPad, Windows Mobile free download the QR CODE from your Store.
It is enough to bring the phone to Italy QRVida code to put it in focus and connect to the site automatically.

Special for animals

The innovative identification system for animals makes it through the QR CODE printed with an innovative method, on a hypoallergenic steel plate, the location of your pet dogs and cats at any time simply by using a mobile phone with internet access, a SmartPhone or a Tablet PC.

Even the QRVida of your animal, Italy has a personal page on our portal where you made your first access, register all the data that we want to communicate, as photos of the animal, the holder's address, numbers to call if found, any number of microchip, vaccines facts, diseases, allergies, health concepts that are important for the health of the animal and all the info that you consider important to communicate.

At the time of the loss of your animal, any person you find yourself simply by reading with your phone, its QRVida Italy tag, will communicate directly with the owner, it is also expected that simultaneously GEOLOCAL function to scan that is performed will send to proprietrario your pet's position at that time

QRVida Application

Version 2.0 brings significant improvements in the operation of QRVida. Now you can connect your phone with the QRVida and go directly to the page, without having to scan the code, simply by clicking on the image. In addition, you add geolocation enables the mobile phone connected to your QRVida your can provide the QRVida system. You can find the person that triggered by a map in your private area. You can see the place and time of all the places in which such person has been today.
New Alert DISPLAY. Now QRVida where status a QR code, but also send an email with the location information, the map and the image of the place shows not only. Next add a Fort drive, but we're working to ensure an optimal service. These improvements come from the philosophy of our company is to listen to nuetras users and meet their needs.